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  • Nurikabe

The phantom wall has appeared before you, not to block your path, but to ask if you'd like to hang out. Maybe go to the park and feed the ducks or something relaxing like that.

There are 3 different 'Kabe to meet each with their own fantastic personalities.

Original Ghostly Nruikabe has been all over the world and maybe some other weird places. He's been in movies, Tv and video games, but never let's it go to his head. Very mellow and down to earth

ABC Gumikabe has been stuck under a highschool desk for the past 50 years and knows all the best slang and all the answer's to Mr. Chazanow's final. He's a little devious, but soft and chewy at heart.

Tofukabe is incredibly easy to get along with. He can adapt to any flavor or situation with ease and always has something to add to a conversation or dish. You can often find him floating around in a nice miso bath soaking it all in. A very deep thinker.

Each 'Kabe is cast in hard resin and sits about 1.25" tall with nylon limbs.